Interviewing The Blisters Boyz

Heute gibt es zur Abwechslung mal ein Interview und zwar mit den Blisters Boyz, zwei jungen französischen DJs, die Chic and the Tramp vor rund einer Woche mit dem Kommentar "The new bloody french beetroots" auf die artists to look out for in 2009-Liste gewählt haben. Lest das Interview, geht auf ihre Myspace-Seite und downloadet ihren Track Casa139, den sie uns extra hierfür zur Verfügung gestellt haben (gibts am Ende des Posts). Enjoy:

For those who don't know, tell us a bit about yourself. Who are the Blisters Boyz, why are they called Blisters Boyz and when did they start producing?

Ufukama2000: ok,we are from the south of france, i'm 20 years old and i'm born to be wild lol

Alastor: for my part i'm 22 years old and i would like to meet Chuck Norris.
So we called our band the Blister's boyz because we had to chose a name quickly and i was watching Ufukama2000, in fact he looks like a blister and its the reason why we are always masked ( it is not for the show, but just to hide his head lol )

Ufukama2000: We started to produce four month ago, so the Blister's boyz were born

Alastor: To be wild....

If someone who has never heard any of your songs asked you to describe your music, what would you say?

Alastor: So it's dificult because if you listen our music they are all diferent, for example listen to "evolution" and compare it to "guitar heroes" and you will understand what i mean.

Ufukama2000: For my part i think that i would say that is a mix between electronic music, rock and pop.

Which artists influence you the most and why?

Alastor: our influences are Daft Punk, Justice, The Bloody Beetroots...Goose...Digitalism..

Ufukama2000: why???? because they rrrooooockkkss, don't you think?

Chic and the Tramp who put you on the "artists to look out for in 2009" list called you "The french Bloody beetroots". What do you say to that?

&Ufukama2000: So thank you to them, it's very nice ...But it's hard to imagine our own band called like that by good artists like Chic and The Tramp because for us The bloody Beetroots are very impressive and have an unique styl

What are your plans for this year?

Ufukama2000: we just sign on Eikyou Records, the new label of Andre Dalcan and David Duriot and with Rockets concerts

Alastor: Then we have some project with our friends Muxy and Underhall (eikyou rec)

Alastor:&Ufukama2000: So we think together that this year will be an hard year because we have to work hard again....

Current Top 5 tracks?

young & stupid" underhall remix, "dog" Sebastian (Choreo edit)

Alastor: "stomp" Wu Tang Clan (Bloody Beetroots rmx), "ironical sexism" Revolte (we are terrorists rmx)

Alastor:&Ufukama2000: "guitar heroes" The blisters Boyz (lol)

Any last words?

Alastor:&Ufukama2000: Thank you to our sponsor which rockkkkssss ( an advice go to see them). Thanks to you Nils and long life to ParistoBarcelona!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the interview, guys. Hope to hear more from you soon!


Wer sich nach diesem turbulenten Interview überzeugen möchte wie die Jungs auf Frankreich jetzt eigentlich klingen, sollte unbedingt ihre Myspace-Seite aufrufen oder folgenden Track downloaden, den sie PTB freundlicherweise zur Verfügung gestellt haben.

Download: The Blisters Boyz - Casa139


  1. @hadi said...
    spitzen sache! vor allem das das interview auf myspcae verlinkt wurde. weiter so...
    UNDERHALL said...
    blisters boys and UNDERHALL for ever

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